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As result of working with Ginny I have more energy and am able to maintain a healthy weight. Isn’t this what everyone wants? Absolutely! However, in my one-on-one coaching with Ginny I received something far more valuable. I gained the knowledge, tools and discipline to live a healthy, balanced life for the rest of my life. I discovered the real goal was not weight loss or energy gain, it was living a disciplined life. Ginny worked with me and together we created a plan that worked for my lifestyle.


As the President of a company going through significant change, my workload increased and the travel schedule was heavy. I found that it was easy to get off track in the important areas of my life. With Ginny’s guidance and accountability, I made better health choices and overall better life decisions.






Ginny has been an incredible help, encourager and mentor in my health journey.  When she first began coaching me about 4 years ago, I just wanted to lose a little weight and have more energy.  Little did I know that what I learned from her would transform my whole lifestyle, and ultimately, my body.  She taught me to think differently not just about what I ate, but also why and when.  When I started implementing what I learned from her, I was immediately had more energy, fewer headaches and days where I just feel "meh."  Over the next year, I completely transformed my diet and exercise habits and lost 30+ lbs!


She encouraged me every step of the way to be patient and just keep doing the next right thing.  Now I feel better than I ever have and have more confidence, and I am so grateful for the freedom I've gained along the way.  If you are just starting a new journey towards health and wellness, you couldn't have a better partner and guide than Ginny.  Be patient with yourself, don't give up when you feel discouraged, and just do the next right thing!







A client, Jon, shares his success by answering a few questions:


What has been your main accomplishment with regards to your overall health?


Understanding how my body reacts to different foods, reaching my desired weight, and understanding how food, sleep, and exercise impact my overall energy.


What direct health changes did you see through health coaching?


Loss in weight and increase in energy.


What other areas in your life were affected?


Having more energy has made me more productive with my job as well.  I travel quite a bit, so this has been a big win for me.


What advice do you have for others?


Bring longer term goals into the short term.  I started getting more encouraged about my progress when I started looking at my accomplishments over a shorter period of time vs. over the course of a year for example.  Instead of trying to lose 30 pounds over the course of a year, look at trying to lose 7 or 8 pounds in the next 90 days.  It just sounds more achievable and less intimidating.  By doing this, you start to focus on action vs. outcome.  Once you hit the first goal, you know what you did to get there, so that is your road map for knocking down the rest of the obstacle.  Consistency and repetition are two keys to success.  I would also recommend sharing your goal with close friends or family and enlisting a coach, which promotes accountability, which is another key.