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A little about me and why I do what I do:


I love my husband, family, and friends. I love running and yoga. I love a good meal that creates a space for relationships to deepen and laughter to spread. I love helping others live to their fullest potential so they can accomplish their mission and dreams in life.


My passion for nutrition came from playing sports growing up. I recognized what I ate played a big part in how I performed. I wanted to perform my best so thus began my journey into the world of nutrition. I majored in Nutrition and Food Science, went on to become a Registered Dietitian, and discovered how much I love helping people transform their lives by taking care of themselves, body, mind, soul, and spirit.


My credentials and experience include:


 •  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

 •  Certification in Sports Nutrition

 •  Certification in Adult Weight Management

 •  Manager of a large corporate wellness program

 •  Nutrition coordinator of a bariatric weight loss clinic



To your health,

Ginny Reddick